Can I create a Supplier that does not exist in MainStem's Verified Vendor Network?

MainStem's Purchase Pro™ gives you the ability to add suppliers that don't currently exist in MainStem's Verified Vendor network. This article will show you how to create a "private" supplier.

MainStem understands that our site does not contain every cannabis supplier that operators use across the supply chain. For this reason, if a supplier does not exist within our verified vendor network,  users can create a non-verified or "private" supplier. 

1. In order to create a "private" supplier, navigate to the "Supplier" tab located on the left-hand side of the Purchase Pro™ app.  This screen shows the user all of the suppliers that the user has previously purchased from. 

2. Navigate to the top right, and click "Create New Supplier."

3. First, you will build out the profile of the "Private" Supplier. 

  • Supplier Name = company name.
  • Email Address = the address that you use to communicate with this supplier. 
  • Address = the address that the supplier ships from. Usually a warehouse or distribution center.

4. Once you've completed filling out the profile for the supplier, navigate to the "Save New Supplier." You will land on the "Supplier Profile" page.

5. Once the supplier has been created, the user has the ability to add products to this "Private" Supplier. Click Add Product, located directly under the Suppliers name. To learn how to create a product, check out our Product Articles here.


Please note, once a supplier is created as a "Private" Supplier, you can add the products and supplier to a purchase order. However, MainStem does not handle payment/shipping logistics with non-verified suppliers. To learn how to get suppliers on MainStem's Supplier Core, contact our support team at