Does MainStem ship everything?

As a comprehensive e-commerce based supply marketplace. MainStem's vetted partners process and fulfill their own orders.

With more than 12,000 products on our marketplace. MainStem has suppliers in different states and in different regions. This allows you the customer to shop for different or even the same products nationwide.  The customer can also chose a supplier that is closest to them if preferred.

We work on a 100% drop ship model, but still have the ability to set up Will Call pick ups if you are near a participating partner vendor. 

MainStem oversees all shipments to ensure that they are processed and fulfilled within our standards. Most orders will be processed within 24 to 48 hours during normal operations. MainStem has an internal system that helps monitor all orders. This keeps constant communication with all our vendors.

If processing times have exceeded standard practices, MainStem intervenes and requires immediate action from the vendor. Tracking will be updated once provided from the vendor. This allows the customer to have eyes on their shipment through their dashboard live.

States where our vendors ship to currently and some parts of Canada (Upon minimum requirements and approval).

download (1)Feedback? MainStem is always open to making the experience that much better for our partners. Feel free to reach out via our chat feature on the platform. We would love to chat!