How Can I Reorder?

Creating a reorder of past products is quick and easy. I'll show you how!

For easier navigation we suggest to open this in another tab to follow the steps live.

-Make sure you are logged in into your account

-Once you are logged in you will click on your account




-Click on "Reorder Products" 

It will take you to products that you have ordered in the past




Here you can select what products and quantities to add.

-Enter the qty and click on the green plus sign to add into you cart



Once added you can see how many items you have in your cart.

-Click on your cart to view you new order.



Finalizing and purchasing your order

-Here you will click the "Approve order" button.

-This will take you to the payment options for you to finalize your order.



Feedback? MainStem is always open to making the experience that much better for our partners. Feel free to reach out via our chat feature on the platform. We would love to chat!