How can I see all orders across my organization?

MainStem's Purchase Pro™ gives you full visibility across your entire organization. This article will explain how to see all approved orders, as well as orders waiting on approval.

The first page you arrive on when logging into MainStem's Purchase Pro™ is the Purchasing Dashboard. This page displays multiple items and gives a great snap-shot of all your purchases across the entire organization. 

1. When you first log in, you will notice the Purchasing Dashboard.

2. From the purchasing dashboard, you will be able to identify key metrics as it relates to your business. 

  1. An individual location snapshot that includes: Total Approved Orders, Orders Awaiting Approval, Invoices Awaiting Shipment, Users. 
  2. An interactive map that allows the user to click into individual locations that populate the individual location snapshot, located directly to the left in the blue box. 
  3. A list of total purchases based on Location, Users, and Suppliers. As your organization grows, this area will also grow. 
  4. A list of "Orders Awaiting Approval." Based on your user permissions, you are able to approve these orders directly from the screen.