How do I approve an order?

MainStem's Purchase Pro™ allows an organization to create user permissions in order to control overall spending across an organization. This article explains how an individual with the permission to approve orders can do so.

Located on the homepage, or "Purchasing Dashboard", individuals with the permission group "approve orders," will notice a list of all "Orders Waiting On Approval," located on the right of the screen. 

1. In order to approve orders that are "Awaiting Approval," navigate into the order by clicking on the order id image, located under the "ID" Tab.

2. Once clicked, the user will be directed to the open 'Purchase Order', where the user will have the ability to "Finalize Purchase Order."

3. Once the user clicks on "Finalize Purchase Order," the user will be taken to the original purchase order. Here the user can review all the information, including:

  • Bill To
  • Ship To  
  • Total Price 
  • Shipping Costs
  • Tax
  • Supplier
  • Products

 The user will also notice the ability to either edit the purchase order or "Approve Order."

4. Once the "Approved Order" is clicked, the order will be completed, notifying the supplier and confirming the order with you. This does not mean payment is complete.