How do I create a new Product?

MainStem gives you the ability to create Private Products that are unique to your business and operations so that users may find them in the Shop and request these items on Purchase Orders.

  1. Within the Products module, go to the "+ Create New Product" button.
  2. Assign the user the following data:
    1. Product Name
    2. Supplier
    3. Product Type
    4. Product SKU
    5. Product Description
    6. Price
    7. MainStem Product Category
    8. Minimum Order Quantity, if applicable
    9. Maximum Order Quantity, if applicable
    10. Weight in Pounds (optional)
    11. Unit of Measure - Value (#of pieces per pack, if UOM is Each then this should be 1)
    12. Unit of Measure - Label
    13. Height, in inches
    14. Width, in inches
    15. Length, in inches
  3. Press "Save New Product" button to complete the product creation process.