How do I create a purchase order?

MainStem's Purchase Pro™ allows a user to create a PO in a number of ways. This article will explain the easiest way to create a purchase order.

1. The easiest way to create a purchase order is to navigate to the "Purchase Order" module located on the left-hand side of the Purchase Pro™ platform. 

2. On this screen, a user will find a dashboard of all purchase orders including:

  • Quotes (open purchase orders)
  • Approved (paid, but not shipped)
  • Completed (paid, and shipped)
  • Cancelled  (not approved or cancelled due to mistake)
  • A navigatable list with all existing 'Purchase Orders'
  • The ability to "Create A New Purchase Order"

3. Click on "Create A New Purchase Order." The user is then required to select the corresponding location that is ordering. 

4. From here, the user will begin the creation of a new 'Purchase Order.' The new purchase order will include:

  • A Timeline from Quote Created to Completed 
  • The Ability to Update GL Code
  • The Ability to Update Purchase Order Number
  • The Ability To Begin Searching For And Adding Products

5. The user is now able to begin adding products to the Purchase Order via the search bar located halfway down on the Purchase Order screen. 

6. If a user has already created a 'Catalog' for this specific location, the user can select the catalog via the "Viewing Catalog" drop down. To learn more about creating 'Catalogs' click here.

7. Once the user has added products to the purchase order, the products will automatically begin populating onto "Purchase Order" Screen. 

8. Once the user has successfully added all of the products to the existing purchase order, the user will navigate to "Finalize Purchase Order."

9. The last step for the user is to approve the order. The user will be asked to confirm all of the details and "Approve Order." Once the order is approved, the supplier will be notified and the Purchase Order will be confirmed as "Accepted." The Purchase Order will not be considered "Complete" until the order has shipped.