How do I find my tracking# for Shipping/Freight?

Where is my tracking for my shipment?  MainStem has customized your dashboard for you to find all the necessary information that you would expect to find, easily.

For easier navigation we suggest to open this in another tab to follow the steps live.

-Make sure you are logged in into your account

-Once you are logged in you will click on your account




-A drop down will appear and you will click on "Orders and Shipments"




-Down about half way of the page you will see 4 tabs. Approved Orders, Unapproved Orders, Awaiting Shipment and Shipped. Click on "Shipped"




-Here you will see your orders that have been shipped. Select the order you would like to see tracking for. For tutorial purposes I will be choosing order#16260. Click the order#.




-On the next screen you will click on the shipments tab. Once you click that the tracking will be visible. At an event the tracking link does not work. Copy and paste the tracking# and go to the shippers site.





Freight shipments.

You will follow all the above steps until the end. Here you will see Oak Harbor Freight as the static freight shipping method, BUT you will want to pay attention to which carrier is in parenthesis. If the tracking link does not work, you will want to go to the carrier's site and implement the PRO# that is below the tracking# provided..




In the event if a shipment received is damaged, please file a claim with your delivery driver as well as notify MainStem right away. MainStem will follow the process and will provide assistance on a replacement and or return.


Feedback? MainStem is always open to making the experience that much better for our partners. Feel free to reach out via our chat feature on the platform. We would love to chat!