How do I generate a Request For Quote?

In this article, we will show how to generate a Request For Quote (RFQ) and manage from the MainStem platform

  1. Go to the "Request for Quote" module
  2. Click/Tap "+ Create New RFQ Draft"
  3. Populate the following information:
    1. RFQ Title
    2. Quote Due Date
    3. Estimated Award Date
    4. Project Delivery Due Date
    5. RFQ Description
  4. Click/tap "Create New RFQ Draft" button
  5. Select the Location for the RFQ and click/tap "Create"
  6. If you would like to allow the entire MainStem Supplier Core to be able to access and bid on this RFQ, click/tap the toggle switch under "List this RFQ to the MainStem Supplier Core"
  7. Use the "Categories" section to pick from existing or create new categories and get supplier recommendations from the MainStem Supplier Core.  Add them to the RFQ by clicking/tapping the Supplier name click/tap "Invite" or click/tap "+ Invite All"
  8. Pick from existing or create new "Preferred Payment Method" for the RFQ
  9. On the "Details" tab:
    1. Click/tap the "Change Address" button to create a new address or select from your address listing to set your Delivery & Billing Addresses 
    2. Click/tap "+ Add URL" button to add any relevant URL links that may be pertinent to the RFQ
    3. Make any other necessary edits or adjustments & click/tap "Save Changes" button
  10. On the "Line Items" tab:
    1. Click/tap "+ Add Line Item" to create RFQ line items
    2. Enter Item Name/Description, SKU, Quantity Requested, Target Price & any notes and click/tap "Save"
    3. Repeat the process for all required items
  11. On the "Files" tab, click/tap "Upload New File" to add any attachments
  12. On the "Suppliers" tab
    1. Click/tap "+ Invite Suppliers" to add any additional suppliers
    2. Enter the email address of the supplier you'd like to invite or select a platform supplier from the dropdown list and click/tap "Invite"
  13. Review your RFQ and click "Initiate" to send the RFQ to the selected suppliers