How do I grant access for a User to other Locations?

In this article, we'll show you how to assign a new primary location as well as assign secondary locations for a user to access.

  1. Go to the "Users" module
  2. Locate the User by navigating through the list OR by utilizing one of the header filters
  3. Click/Tap the User's username
  4. Click/Tap "Edit User Details"
  5. Click/Tap "Add a Location"
  6. Select one of the Locations from the drop-down menu.  If you'd like to add multiple locations, continue this process for all the locations you'd like to grant access to.
  7. Click/Tap "Add Locations"
  8. If you would like to reset the Primary Location of the User, Click/Tap the "Set Default" button to the right of the new primary location name.