How do I know my purchase is complete?

MainStem's Purchase Pro™ places Purchase Orders into multiple stages throughout the ordering process. This article explains what each stage means and how to know when you've completed the order.

1. MainStem's Purchase Pro™ places purchases order into a unique stage depending on where the user is at in the ordering process. 

2. To see the different stages of your PO, log in to Purchase Pro™ and navigate to the "Purchase Order" module located on the left-hand side. 

2. The "Status" of a Purchase Order will fall under one of many categories:

  • Open - any purchase order that has not been approved
  • Approved -  any purchase order that has been approved, but not received by the supplier
  • Fulfillment - any purchase order that has been received by the supplier
  • Shipping - any order that has been packaged for shipping by the supplier
  • Complete - any order shipped by the supplier
  • Cancelled - any purchase order that has been cancelled

3. The "Payment Status" will also fall into two categories:

  • Open - payment has not been made, but the order has been approved
  • Complete - payment has been made and the order will move into fulfillment

*Please note, depending on the user subscription level, payment will have to be complete in order for the order to move from "Approved" to "Fulfill." Approved does not mean complete or shipped. 

4. To complete payment, navigate into the individual id of the PO located under the "ID" column. 

5. Once in the Purchase Order, navigate to the "Pay for Order."

6. Once complete, the "Payment Status" will be moved into closed and the supplier will be notified. The user will also see a new area, "Payments On Order," added to the Purchase Order, as well as all four steps completed.