How to Process an Order on the Supplier Software

Processing an order with MainStem is simple, we require your Order/Invoice #, Date Shipped, and a Tracking Number.

Whether you are shopping supplies, or gifts, I am sure you have been interested in its logistics. Our customers are the same, they want to know when their shipment leaves and when its due to arrive so they can plan out their operations.

When you receive an order from MainStem, you will first want to login to the Supplier Portal. From here you want to pay attention to the section titled "Orders Needing To Be Fulfilled." In this module, you will have a list of your orders that still need to be processed.

Dashboard - Order

Click on the order you wish to process and you will be taken to the order details page, where we now have a few steps to complete. 

Order Details Master-1

  1. Add your sales order or invoice number. This will be beneficial for getting your company paid, as well as resolving issues for certain orders (paper trail). You can also upload an electronic copy of this order to be submitted directly to MainStem's accounting department.
  2. Set your ship date. This can be in the future (or the past, but hopefully you're on top of everything); setting your ship date in the future will notify the system to read the tracking number for movements starting on that date. The customer will also get notified when the shipment leaves your location.
  3. Add your tracking information. Customers are ALWAYS interested in their tracking numbers. MainStem provides multiple carriers so that the customer experience is streamlined. Choosing the correct carrier will properly hyperlink that tracking number so the customer will have zero issues in viewing their shipment.
    1. Select your carrier. If your carrier is not available, please reach out to MainStem will make sure the proper information is communicated to the customer
    2. Select your shipping method. Typically this will match up with the customers' Requested Shipping Type.
    3. After adding your tracking number, hit the Save button to close the modal. If you have multiple shipping numbers, rinse & repeat step #3.
      Select Carrier-2
  4. Once your tracking information, the order #, and the ship date are set, PLEASE do not forget to hit Save Changes at the top of the screen. This will finalize the relevant details to be sent or accessible to the customer.