How do the Finance and Accounting integrations work?

The MainStem Purchase Pro™ allows your organization to integrate to your existing Finance or Accounting platforms to provide efficiency and scalability to your procure-to-pay operations.  This integration can drastically reduce the manpower overhead that goes into Purchase Order and Invoice creation, receiving and reconciliation.

With the MainStem Purchase Pro™ integration platform, connect to the most popular Finance & Accounting platforms in the industry in days, not weeks.  When this integration is enabled, you'll begin seeing the following benefits to your organization:

  1. Purchase Order synchronization - Ensure all POs are automatically created and properly coded against the proper location, user, department and item code.  Removes the need for manual creation and errors.
  2. Receiving synchronization - As POs are fulfilled, trigger automatic PO line level receipt transaction for matching and automatic invoice reconciliation.
  3. Single approval routing mechanism - Leverage your pre-existing approvals within your existing system as aa single source of truth.  Preventing the need for approval path recreation and ensures that Finance approvals are obtained for every critical purchasing activity.
  4. Invoice Creation - Automatically create invoices without any manual effort.  Invoices are properly coded against your locations, departments and items and attached to the proper chart of accounts, thus potentially eliminating manual invoice reconciliation and coding errors.

By integrating the MainStem Purchase Pro™ platform to your Finance & Accounting software, you can save your employees and organization countless man hours by removing non-value added tasks from their daily activities.