How is shipping tax calculated?

MainStem's Purchase Pro™ works directly with the supplier giving you the most accurate shipping cost.

1. Shipping cost is determined by two things: your physical address and the weight of the product you are purchasing. 

2. To ensure you are receiving the best possible shipping cost, make sure your "location" address is correct. To do this, navigate to "Location" located on the left-hand side. If the address is incorrect, you can update it within the "Location" tab screen. 

3. To fix a wrong location, click into the location "ID" by clicking directly on the button with the magnifying glass and four-digit number. On the next screen, click "Edit Location."


*Please note, if you are outside of the United States, we calculate shipping tax through a third-party system. Please contact us to learn more if you are in Canada, UK, or around the world.