Can I see the activity of an individual location?

MainStem's Purchase Pro™ gives you complete visibility into each individual location's spend, orders made, users, and activity info. This article explains how to find this information.

1. Navigate to the "Location" tab located on the left-hand side of the menu. 

2. Locate the location you wish you see information for and click on the button located under the location "ID" tab. 

3. This page shows you information on the individual location including Orders, Users, Catalogs, Activity logs, and Supply Audit Reports. 

4. The "Orders" list includes all active, approved, quoted, and canceled orders that have been placed from this individual location.

5. The "Users" list includes all users that have access to this specific location. To add additional users to a specific location, please visit our User Articles here.

6. The "Catalogs" list includes all product-specific catalogs that have been created for this individual location. To learn more about Catalogs, please see our Catalog Articles here. 

7. The "Activity Logs" include all activity that has taken place in this specific locatio

  • The activity logs can be filtered by type including new order, product creation, saved cart, special project, order shipped.