What are Enterprise Margins?

MainStem wants to be competitive in the industry, and have decreased our margin (or markup) to lower costs for our customers.

To keep up with some of the largest cannabis companies' purchasing, MainStem has installed Enterprise Margins. These margins are controlled by MainStem, and are lower than the standard margin you are accustomed to.

In this example, MainStem would pay you the same amount no matter what price the customer pays. If you look closely at the Enterprise section, you will see the Enterprise Listing Charge and the amount the Customer Will Pay are less than the standard Product Pricing. Instead of marking your costs up 20%, MainStem will only mark your cost up 10%. This decreases the customers cost, AND decreases the amount MainStem takes in on the transaction but does not affect what MainStem pays you.

Since MainStem has done its part to be more competitive, we have also given you the opportunity to offer a lower cost (combined with the lower margin) for Enterprise level customers.

In this example, if you were to drop your cost by just $1.00, the customer would end up paying $29.07 for this item. That is a total of 14.4% savings for the customer which can have a huge impact on the customer decision process.