What are Market Insights?

MainStem has recently released insight into what is being purchased on the platform.

As you manage your own performance through the software, MainStem has decided to provide some insight into all of the products that are being purchased by our customers. You may think, "why this, I already know what products and how many I am selling." You are correct, and that information can be reviewed in the Performance section of the supplier portal. Market Insights shows, basically, what you HAVEN'T sold on the platform in the last 90 days.

Rather than a dollar amount of everything ordered in the past 90 days, MainStem provides the total number of items sold. On the left side we see the menu structure that all of our customers use to browse the platforms. Clicking each top menu (Menu#1) will expand and reveal each of the sub-menus (Menu #2)and then the categories (Menu#3) where products live.

For example, if a box of Futurola Dutch Brown Pre-Rolled Cones has 900 units, that box still only counts as one item. So in this case, we have sold 4,580 packaging items, within that 1,268 of those were Pre-Roll Packaging items, 1,058 of those were Pre-Rolled Cones and 195 boxes of those were Futurola Dutch Brown Pre-Rolled Cones in the last 3 months.

What does that mean to someone like you? If you have access to other product lines, you have a real shot of increasing your revenue through the MainStem platform with a little bit of research. Obviously price is a large factor when customers are deciding on what to purchase, so keep that in mind if you do decided to add an additional product line.