What does a minimum order amount not achieved mean? Why is there a maximum amount order on some products?

Some vendors require minimums or a cap not to exceed on some products. We'll explain.

With more than 12,000 products on our marketplace and more than hundreds of thousands of eyes on MainStem's platform. Vendor inventory levels will fluctuate and large orders will leave an impact on availability.

Minimums are set due to high volume of processing. It makes sense for some to send out in master cases rather than single box orders. This helps keep the flow and efficiency in processing. Also, this can help save you on shipping cost.

Due to this, the minimum order amount  must be met to be processed and fulfilled.


What about maximum amount order?

When inventory levels are low or if a product is in high demand. Some vendors like to set a maximum order amount.

By doing this, the product is more available to the market and insures there is still some availability for other businesses/companies. It keeps things fair for all of our partners.

This status can change at any time. If you are interested in a product that has a qty cap, you can reach out to a MainStem  representative to initiate a RFQ (Requested for Quote).


Feedback? MainStem is always open to making the experience that much better for our partners. Feel free to reach out via our chat feature on the platform. We would love to chat!