There is a problem with my order

If you receive a partial or wrong order, MainStem wants to help.

1. If you happen to receive a partial or wrong order, the first thing you should do immediately is contact the vendor. You can message a vendor, directly through MainStem's Purchase Pro. 

2. To do this, navigate to our Supplier Page, located on the left-hand side of the screen. 

3. Select the supplier that the order was placed through. Once you've navigated to the individual supplier, you'll be able to send a message directly. Make sure to include the order number and any details. 

Please Note: MainStem takes our relationships with our clients very seriously. This is why we go through a  vetting process before allowing any vendor on our platform. In addition, vendors are rated in three separate areas - wrong orders being one of them. We understand that accidents happen and we are here to help solve any problems that you may experience. However, if the supplier falls below a certain threshold in our grading algorithm, they are removed from the platform.