What is the Score Card?

MainStem measures the performance of our suppliers on the platform to ensure customers are receiving the best service when using MainStem.

In it's current iteration, MainStem has been receiving orders and sending PO's for about 4 years now, and during that time we have been able to log tons of different types of data. Some of that data is directly correlated with how our vendors process, then respond to orders received from MainStem. We have used that data to provide the Score Card metrics you see in your Supplier Core software. This Score Card is currently only viewable by the MainStem team and by yourself. That means no customers or other vendors get to see your ratings, this is between your team and our team.

To review your metrics press on the Score Card tab found in the left side navigation pane. Once clicked you will see your Supplier Score Card. Lets jump in:

1. Post Sale Changes

The metric is a measure of the amount of changes the MainStem team is making for each order placed that requires your fulfillment. The goal in measuring this is to improve marketplace accuracy by having our vendors manage their inventory through the supplier software (or integrations). A negative mark on your account would occur when MainStem is required to make changes to the order after the order has been placed by the customer. An example of this would be a customer placing an order for a product that is incorrectly marked in stock. You would receive the purchase order notification, only then to find out you have no inventory of said item. You would let MainStem know, who then has to reach out to the customer to get their answer for replacement or cancellation. At that point MainStem needs to make an adjustment to that order. All in all, MainStem hopes to minimize these mistakes that then require effort from all parties involved to form a solution so we can all focus on the big picture, running the business.

2. Delivery

Our Delivery metric measures your processing speed. Don't think of this as how quickly things are shipped (transit) but rather how quickly you get things shipped (process). Being that more than 90% of your orders are coming from other businesses, a lot of the time our customers are up against a deadline of their own. So it is very important to MainStem (and should be to you) to receive, process, package, and ship the order in a timely manner because the customers are expecting the tracking information. A goal to set for yourself to earn a high Delivery grade would be to provide tracking numbers within 24 hours of the order placed, but no longer than 48 hours after. If you believe the order will not leave within 2 days of placement, please let MainStem know so we can inform the customer as well.

3. Returns

The Returns metric measures exactly that; how many returns are you experiencing related to how many orders you are fulfilling. Orders or products can be returned (within your return window) by our customers. Common reasons are a mis-shipped product, maybe the customer ordered red and you sent black; product quality is not met, maybe the product  quality was delivered damaged; product expectations, maybe the delivered product didnt exactly match up with the product photo. To minimize negative marks of this metric, be sure to be honest in your photos and descriptions, and take some care in picking/packing the order to make sure everything is correctly fulfilled.