When will I receive my order?

When purchasing through a verified vendor on MainStem's Purchase Pro™, you'll have full visibility into all of your shipments, carriers, and tracking information in one location.

Once an order has been placed on Purchase Pro™, and fulfilled by a supplier, you'll get an instant notification that the order has shipped. Suppliers update the shipping information directly into their platform, the Supplier Portal, updating your platform in real time. 

In order to see the recent activity on your shipments:

1. Navigate to Shipments, located on the lefthand side of MainStem's Purchase Pro. 

2. In Shipments, you'll immediately arrive at your shipment screen. 

3.  From this screen, you can easily navigate and search by Order ID, Created On,  or The Location you ordered from. 

4. If a supplier has updated the Supplier Portal, The Carrier and Tracking Number will automatically populate and be displayed. 

5. All Tracking Numbers are hyperlinked to their respective Carrier and will take you directly to the shipping information.