Why does Shipping Cost Vary?

Shipping is calculated from place the of origin. Which varies from the vendor's location. Let us explain!

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With more than 12,000 products on our marketplace. MainStem has suppliers in different states and in different regions. This allows you the customer to shop for different or even the same products nationwide.  The customer can also chose a supplier that is closest to them if preferred.


Shipping cost are calculated through our  sophisticated internal system. Our systems communicates with most of all  the major shipping carriers to get you accurate estimates. MainStem does not upcharge or add any fees for any shipping cost. Savings and benefits added to you.


Depending where the products are being shipped from, the cost will vary from origin to destination. We have vendors that use MainStem's shipping account as a 3rd party shipper. This usually insures the best rates but not all vendors have this availability. This will solely rely on  their accounts/rates, so we deem those as estimates. 


Lastly, rates are estimated by dimensional weight. This is how most carriers will charge per a package. This means they estimate by the dimensions of the package and also the weight of the package. Which ever cost is higher, is the cost carriers will use. Most of our partner vendors will master pack and bundle/band packages together to help keep your cost down.


Feedback? MainStem is always open to making the experience that much better for our partners. Feel free to reach out via our chat feature on the platform. We would love to chat!